Astro Alloy - Eighteen

Available for streaming on Bandcamp, Spotify, et al.


first and foremost this album is a CONCEPT album
think like Pink Floyd
and the CONCEPT is being 18 years old
that ~liminal space~ where you are both a teenager and an adult

think like "young adult novel"
where each song is a different character
(also there is no plot)

no these songs are not about me
i am not eighteen years old
but i was!
  maybe you were...
  maybe you are...
  maybe you will be...

i hope you like it, that's the whole point!

How does this website work?

ok i know i need to explain this foreign website
this is a virtual substitute for a CD booklet
or like a vinyl insert
or uhh... cassette J-card? idk

inspired by late-90s internet
what the internet was like before "shareholders" ruined it

each song has its own page
  + Lyrics, some annotated
  + "Song Notes" where i ramble about what the song means (sort of)
  + "Recording Notes" which is more esoteric and about the recording process

then at the bottom is a link to the next song. easy!

Next: i think i'll stay in...